waters office

  • Individual Adult Psychotherapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Training and Supervision


I see individuals and couples, and sometimes combine the two formats by seeing one or another partner individually briefly and then bringing that back to the couples work. I like to see people for 90 minutes if we can work it out, because the additional time allows us to get into more depth and detail around important issues. Hour sessions are entirely fine, however (and sometimes more appropriate to the work), and I never insist on the longer time frame. Often I see people biweekly for 90 minutes instead of weekly for an hour; all formats are available and we work that out together. I tend to work in a very direct style, informal but highly engaged and open. I am always interested in people’s immediate emotional experience, and always willing to share my own when it is useful.


I offer training and supervision for therapists interested in increasing their skills in both individual and couples therapy. This training is based on the principles of AEDP (see here) and aims to develop greater emotional depth and more intense and effective connection between therapist and patient. I have several small groups (2-3 therapists) in process, some with an individual and some with a couples focus, and openings occur in those from time to time. I am also open to individual supervision with therapists as my schedule allows. I sometimes do training and education for larger groups as well.